A Letter of Thanks

I feel it is apropos of me to start this letter of thanks with, well, thanks. To everyone who helped in any way for this release, whether you’ve bought the special or the screening, shared the post, helped me with promos, listened to me bitch and moan about it or sent over a word of encouragement throughout the process, I sincerely thank you.

I especially want to thank Lancelot, my guy on the inside, for helping with ideas to promote the show, advertising online and just watching me freak out everyday about sales figures. My gratitude and apologies for having to deal with me. I do want to thank every comic and performer that reached out to help share the special or comforted me in my more troubling times, as both a fellow artist struggling and also a friend. Lastly, I do want to apologize to friends whom I have AWOLed from during this last month or so, I will try to re-establish connections and not look/act like a disheveled weirdo when I do.

This release has been a spartan experience at best, and an excruciating torture at worst. Releasing my first special as a paid video was a tough choice. Many folks have been putting out their stuff for free during this time, and to buck the trend hurts me on an advertising level, but personally I feel the content is good and I do not want to devalue the work I have done anymore. I have done it for the past 8 years and I think now is a good time to stop and treat myself and the work I’ve done with as much respect as others have. Also, releasing it as a team of one? Don’t try that at home kids, get at least a team of three, you need to shoulder the success and the pain with people, and not by your lonesome. I would say release it in Asia, for the scene around the region has been so nice and supportive throughout, looking at you especially Malaysia and Hong Kong.


The process was tiring, painful and a learning experience through thorns and brambles. As some of you saw, I totally broke and put up a more heartfelt post on Insta. For everyone who offered a listening ear and reached out to help with support, I have nothing but warm appreciation for the kindness you’ve shown, whether folks could see it or not. Also, please note that the post was genuine sadness (and alcohol) and there wasn’t any hokey promo intentions behind it. I mean I am a twat that’s smart, but I’m not enough of either of those things to plan something so conniving as that.

This signals the end of the journey for Coming Out Loud. There will be some additional stuff coming down the pipeline, like an eventual audio version dropping next year and some press, but the special has sailed its course and now returns home to the harbour. I already have a number of new projects in the work, including a unique new hour of comedy storytelling, and work has already begun on a brand-new stand-up hour, hopefully ready for y’all in 2021/2022.

Once again, thank you all so much for being there for a silly comic in these times, then again it is because of these times that I decided to release the special, so I suppose it is a vicious cycle of calamity and remedy. Till the next show, whether online or in person, keep safe, I love you all, and remember that Mountain Dew is actually a lovely mixer for whisky, give it a bash some time.